Corporate events

Whatever event you’re hosting; a Corporate Event, a Gala Dinner, an Awards Ceremony or a Social Party, entertainment will be a really important element in your strategic and operational planning. You are most likely to be seeking to create a WOW factor and make it THE event for you, your team and your all-important guests, to remember.

Corporate entertainment options are endless and the majority have quite often been experienced before. In your search for something unique and memorable, perhaps explore The Poldark Show.

The Poldark Show offers something quite different; engaging, fun and mesmerising entertainment which you are quite unlikely to have experienced at a corporate event or perhaps ever before. Imagine how intrigued your guests will be, as an evening of wonder and amazement awaits them – they will literally become part of the entertainment.

The Poldark Show is guaranteed to bring lots of laughter between teams, colleagues and clients. Memories will be created, amazing stories will be shared and your event will be THE event which is spoken about and remembered for years to come.

To explore more about how Poldark can deliver a show of a lifetime at your corporate event, contact Nikki at

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